Consumerism-Mas is just around the corner. Watch out for old wolves in new, shiny sheep’s clothing.

which one ‘wows’ you the most?

i’ll share when the headache subsides.

regardless, boycott lysol.

thanks, business pundit.


same old role for Women in the ‘new’ Libya

“Today we are one flesh, one national flesh. We have become united brothers as we have not been in the past” -Libya’s newest patriarch and National Transitional Council (NTC) leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil, October 24th, 2011.

the fact that women are not a part of this ‘flesh’, nor that they seem to have escaped the psyche of the new leaders is not all. guess what else? The ban on the number of wives you can have is to be lifted. Let the ‘brothers’ rejoice and take ownership of as many women as they like in order to celebrate their new government.

Real revolution, guys. Real, fucking revolution.


being a Black Woman at the university of cape town

today i spoke a female friend of mine, from Lesotho – the beautiful mountain kingdom in the middle of South Africa. i told her i was going to university, where i am now writing this post. i said i wanted to access a private room to study in and she said maybe if i showed someone my student card they would let me in. we are talking about the all-mighty-and-oh-so-prestigious university of cape town, by the way.

i replied i don’t have a student card. she then asked how i got in to the university grounds in the first place, able to use the common rooms. i said i just walked in. she was shocked.

according to her, 90% of the time she has gone to campus or used the facilities, over the years that she was a student there, she was asked for identification.

over the last five years i have been asked once.

today, i walked freely in to two different campuses.

she was getting carded even though she was a student; i haven’t been one for almost a year and still walk in like its nobody’s business.

i have a lighter hue of skin and am a man. she is my elder and is far more educated than me, but she can’t get on the bus like i can.

Some questions about Women’s bodies…

…as found on , and aimed at those who try to make choices for others.

Dig it.

1. How many years do you consider to be a fair prison term for a woman who has an abortion?
2. How many years for a doctor who performs one?
3. Will the punishments be greater the second time around?
4. Where will the state get the money necessary to prosecute one-third of all American women for this crime?
5. Forty-two percent of women who have an abortion have incomes below 100 percent of the federal poverty level (that’s $10,830 for a single woman with no children, if you’re counting). When women are forced to have children they cannot afford to raise, will those children become wards of the state or simply new Medicaid recipients? Where will the state find the money necessary to support them?
6. Will you be willing to watch your wife die in front of you when her life is threatened by an unsafe pregnancy that no one is allowed to do anything about? Your daughter?
7. Will rapists have to pay child support to women who are forced to have their children?
8. Will the child of incest be in the custody of its rapist father or the father’s teenaged daughter, his mother? In fact, 18 percent of women who have an abortion in America are teenagers. Will they be required to drop out of high school to raise their children or will the state provide free childcare?
9. Will upper-class white women be prosecuted as vigorously as other women who have abortions?
10. You are aware that upper-class white women have abortions, aren’t you?

Statistically speaking, if a women and two of her friends join the American military, one of them will get raped

Imagine being a woman, outnumbered by the other sex, and stuck in a base in some war zone with a bunch of blood hungry people who blast metal music as they shoot down people from their tanks as if it were video game.

Read this, and you’ll get an idea what it might be like to be a women in the American military.

One more reason NOT to join an army.

Female Fighters – the Women of the PKK

has anyone noticed a common theme in all these middle eastern countries where people are standing up to the state? it seems to be that men are the only ones doing the fighting. in fact, from news footage, women don’t even seem present in the streets to protest. this, of course, does not mean that they do not care. rather, i take it as a sign of men dominating the arena. the space has been made unsafe for women, as well as unwelcoming.

PKK female fighters

well, with this post i want to make you aware of the women fighting in the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party)

in the 90s they had 17,000 women fighting on the front lines, making up 30% of the movement’s people. such became reality through their marxist beliefs on gender equality.

while warfare is a sick disease, sometimes people are forced to fight. when the push comes to shove, these women prove that liberty is everyone’s fight, and that women lack nothing in the path.

forget what you think you know about male strength blah blah blah. talk to these women if you disagree.



whats wrong with people. i’m always taken back and a bit offended – because i feel like it makes me guilty by association – when i see men holler at women. fucking so called ‘cat kills’, kisses, this that and the other in broad day light to complete strangers – another human being – someone’s mother, sister, or daughter. like they don’t have one themselves.

like you’re calling a dog over or something. an object maybe. someone like your mother.

confront it. it doesn’t have to be so. respect is overdue.

why genderize our kids?

this weekend i volunteered at a camp for children with disablities. i loved it, as i always do. it’s a wonderful, wonderful camp and maybe the most memorable part of the children’s year; staying in a south african ‘home’ or institution is no treat and three days of pure fun is a massive luxury for this immensely marginalized demographic.

while the camp is great, there is always somethings about it that hits me hard: how genderized it is. for example, when we gave the kids toys after activities the girls always got something pink – a doll, flower, fashion accessory – while the boys got the typical dark coloured sports toy or car.

the banner for the boys doors read “BOYS BUNKER”. Obviously the girls dorms had to have a banner saying “DOLLS’ HOUSE”.


is this really what we want to reinforce in the future? do we want girls growing up to think that their role is one centered around material, domestic things, and that boys are the strength and muscle, and the sort?

i believe we are doing everyone a huge disservice; especially the kids. if i have a daughter, she will have tools, monster trucks, and her as short as she wishes. my son will wear pink and brush hair, if he so pleases; he will cry without sexism’s shame.

children are the future in that we’re creating the future with everyone interaction we have with kids; let’s act right.


Let’s take a look at the top 3 cosmetics companies in the world, shall we?

Proctor & Gamble– recording $82.6 billion in sales, maker of brands such as ‘Cover Girl’ (because girls must be covered) and sticking to the enlightening principle of testing on animal eyelids, has Robert Mcdonald as CEO and President.

L’Oréal – making a couple billion less than the monstrosity above, and the biggest cosmetic specialist in the world – making all sorts of shit for women to change morph their entire identities with, from hair to skin, has Jean-Paul Agnon as… wait for it… CEO and President.

Unilever – a $16 billion corporation, is proud two have two patriarchs in charge of pushing their chemicals – Michael Treschow as Chairman and Paul Polman as CEO.

What does this tell us?


The Strauss-Kahn Pass

I’ll never know if he was guilty or not, because I wasn’t there, and now the French inquiry has been dropped.

However, I am convinced that if he did in fact sexually assault those women he would get away with it, and the path of persecution would be the exact same one he went through over the last few months. Here we are now.

With enough money, any atrocity is possible. As we may have witnessed, the law can be bought very easily – especially by the patriarchal ubber-elite.

She God

the idea of a god unsettling enough, but if there was a god, why would the ‘creator’ be a man? That’s just stupid.

for every major book of religion, 5 more can be written about how sexist that book is. you’d need entire manuals to decipher how they down press women, consciously like in 1 corinthians 11: “But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a woman is her husband” or that garden of eden bullshit where women basically end up being blamed the damnation of human kind.

Woman God

‘i’m going to get at least 10!’

tonight, i had the honour of sitting down with a real wise 17 year old brother. he has been opening up to me for a couple of hours; told me about his mom’s time in prison, as well as his father’s. he told me about how his cousin molested his sister, and the gang history which existed in his family. he told me a lot. i know he has lived from past his years; he was warm, genuine, and legit.

he was also respectful and considerate. that’s why i was shocked when he said ‘i’m going to get a latina’

‘what do you mean you’re gonna get one’? i asked backed, but he was already mid sentence into ‘a brazilian one too!’.

i interjected; ‘how can you do that? women aren’t objects. you can’t ‘get’ them. they’re not animals to be caught’

he was quite for a few seconds. it was starting to click. i told him how women are the oldest colonized group; from the cave days to the internet age, and beyond. talked about media representation. his friend, 12 years old, was holding some magazine – must have been cosmo or something – with botox pumped, breast baring young women covering the pages. we analyzed, and talked about the design that has been put onto the women’s gender, and how societally their value has been embedded into their sexuality, and how falsely so.

botox at 8

then a relapse.

‘i’m going to have 10. yeah… at least 10 girlfriends’

‘but what if you meet the right person the first time’

‘yeah.. someone who will like me for who i am. someone who knows the real me. that will do anything for me, and i’ll do anything for her.’

he was reconsidering.

‘respect: it’s all you need for love’


Light, historical reading.

Question who is in the kitchen, and why.

Thanking women for giving.


by Marie Coady

The first Thanksgiving was held in November of 1621. I’m sure everyone knows the story. The Pilgrims had a really tough winter in 1620 and lost a lot of their town folk to disease and starvation. So when the harvest the following year was bountiful, they invited about 91 local Indians to join them and had a feast.

What you probably don’t know is, that historic feast lasted three days and left Pilgrim women gasping for breath. While the women raced around like roadrunners waiting on the men, those lumps of lard sat around watching football, burping and patting each other on the back for three days. Needless to say there was not another Thanksgiving celebration until 1676, and that celebration was held on the twenty-ninth of June so the kids could play outside.

Thanksgivings after that were sporadic. Since there was no CNN or Headline News, Colonial women were able to keep the whole thing on the QT. Until Samuel Adams opened his big mouth and got all thirteen colonies worked up about Thanksgiving just like he did about the Revolution. “It is…recommended…to set apart, Thursday the eighteenth of December next, for a solemn thanksgiving and praise, that with one heart and one voice the good people may express the grateful feelings of their hearts and consecrate themselves to the service of their divine benefactor…” (Samuel Adams, November 1, 1777) Yeah right! What’s it to him? He doesn’t have to cook.

Adams then toasted the crowd with his newly brewed beverage, appropriately named Samuel Adams beer. Some of the more cynical among the Patriots claimed that with December 18 being so close to Christmas, maybe Sam was just trying to boost sales for his new beer, thereby connecting Samuel Adams beer forever with the holiday season and guaranteeing his ancestors a life of trust funds and winters on the Rivera.

Although there is no concrete evidence to that rumor, some historians do believe it may have been a ruse organized by a disgruntled Guinness salesman designed to stir discontent against Adams and destroy his credibility as a rebel liquor distributor.

In any case, Colonial women were not thrilled to have this newest holiday so close to Christmas. So from 1778 on, they claimed it unpatriotic to stuff yourself on turkey and pumpkin pie while the troops were starving at Valley Forge. That tactic worked for eighty-six years, in spite of the efforts of a deranged woman who was the nineteenth century’s equivalent to Martha Stewart.

Sarah Josepha Hale, editor of the Boston Ladies Magazine, waged a forty year campaign to make Thanksgiving a national holiday in spite of the fact sales at her magazine slumped. This crazed woman, who married money, had a cleaning woman, cook, gardener, laundress, chauffeur, etc., obviously couldn’t relate to the ordinary housewife struggling with a thirty pound turkey.

After all, the heaviest thing she had to lift was a glass of Chablis as she presided over an elegantly set table lined with guests. After forty years of nagging, Abraham Lincoln, the same man who stood up to the South, caved. And in 1863 he proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday with these words:
“We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven; we have been preserved these many years in peace and prosperity; we have grown in members wealth and power as no other nation has ever grown, and we must set aside a day to offer our thanksgiving.”

I suppose we should cut him some slack. He did have a lot on his mind, like the Civil War and John Wilkes Booth. But the man had freed the slaves, for heaven’s sake, and here he is condemning women to turkey basting and potato peeling in perpetuity. This was no Emancipation Proclamation for women.

Then along came Franklin Roosevelt, who changed Thanksgiving to the third Thursday of the month instead the fourth. His justification for this was, that women would have a longer time to shop for Christmas presents. No!! Really!! That was his justification.

Many have the suspicion that Eleanor was behind the whole thing. It was rumored that she was always the last one to leave the department store on Christmas Eve. I believe Joyce Kearns Goodwin mentioned on CSpan’s “Booknotes” program that Eleanor had been seen being dragged out of the men’s department one Christmas Eve after the closing bell had tinkled and a recording was bellowing, “The store is now closed.” Or maybe I heard that on Geraldo.

But just like they do to our present First Lady, Hillary Clinton, a hue and cry rose up from the Congress, claiming the change of date was merely a plot to raise campaign money from Macy’s and an Asian supplier. As a result, two years later, Roosevelt changed Thanksgiving back to the fourth Thursday of the month and it remains that way today.

I know it’s of little consolation to those of you who count Kentucky Fried Chicken as a home cooked meal, but woman are expected during this blessed holiday season to stuff, baste, peel and mash all the while smiling till their cheeks hurt. That’s both sets of cheeks.

Oh, for the days when all I had to do was show up at my mother’s with the kids in tow. And I used to think that was tough. I wouldn’t want you to you think I’m bitter and don’t enjoy this time of warmth and reunion. Please know that I am not at all resentful. I love every minute of the stuffing, basting, peeling and mashing. Really!! But I do have one friend who gets a little cranky during the holidays. I have to give her credit though. She has found a productive outlet to deal with her feelings of anger and frustration. She makes up recipes.

Years ago she sent me one of her original recipes for stuffing. She claims it has provided her with years of contentment. She said it’s like owning a nuclear weapon. You don’t actually have to use it to feel its power over everyone. I’m confident she has not used it yet, because her kitchen is still intact, and she is still stuffing, basting , peeling and mashing. But let me pass on her recipe to you to use as a safety valve for any feelings of resentment you may have toward your holiday guests, but I beg you not to use it. It could start a nuclear war.

Toast Bread for Stuffing
Shred bite-size pieces into a bowl
Add sage, onions
Moisten with chicken bullion
Add 3 c of popcorn kernels
And mix together

Next, set oven to 350 degrees and evacuate the kitchen immediately. Because when that corn starts a’popping, that turkey is gonna explode across the room like a Saturn missile, guaranteeing that next year you will eat Thanksgiving dinner anywhere but your house.
© Copyright 2000, Marie Coady

A little courtesy: put the toilet seat down

guys, if you lift it up to piss, put it down when you’re done. it’s a simple motion of a finger; you won’t lose anything. not to mention: it’s common-fucking-sense. be considerate: it must be shitty coming into the bathroom as a women and seeing all those pubes and week old orange piss all over the seat… not to mention the increased risk of falling into the toilet if she walks into the bathroom in the middle of the night, half asleep. for realz. just a thought…

put it down!

MEN TALKING: objectifying women – made for sex – from Manila to Vegas, and beyond.

Manila - sex tourism

A few nights ago I was chatting with a brother 11579.60 kilometers away in the Philippines. To talk to your fellow man about your fellow Woman is a rare honour when we’ve been pushed to live in a world where we’re muted when it comes to speaking on the dignity of the other sex – a world where it seems like the only time we talk about the other sex is to amuse ourselves. I asked him if he would do his fellow man a big favour and write a few words. The man has insight – it had to be shared. He agreed. I’m thankful.

Before reading, I want to appeal to the men reading this, and the women who can drive men to think about this topic of equality we’re trying to bring to our daily consciousness: PLEASE START TALKING. Talk to the next friend you see. Keep it light. See what they think, and why; not to criticize, but to understand. It is only through open and honest conversations that we can elevate ourselves from the pits of patriarchy which we’ve been thrown to. It can be nerve wracking; we know. It’s hard to question the status quo when everything around you tells you to proliferate it, and when the problem seems to big to tackle. BE strong – try discussing: it’s SO refreshing. Send this a frirend: see what they thing. Just do something. If you have a hard time verbalizing yourself, then write here. This is YOUR forum. end us a message with your thoughts and we’ll post it; we can make this ‘MEN TALKING’ thing into a regular series. If we can’t get a discussion goin in real life, then lets ease into it by reading each other’s digitalized thoughts.

Alas, here are the words of the wise man. The bolding was my doing; otherwise, I copied and pasted them exactly as he sent them to me.


I tend to go on tangents so edit as needed sir. credits: madhatter.

A very good friend of mine had asked me to look at a photo depicting a sign from a watering hole of some sort reading: Sexual harassment in this area will not be reported. However, it will be graded.” At first I looked at it as a silly attempt to a get a cheap laugh. A sign you can purchase from a novelty store like San Francisco – some of you might get the reference. But then, I started to think about the behavior encouraged at an establishment like this. Let me stress that I’m not trying to preach as I would have found humor in something so trivial in my younger days, I’m just trying to put things in perspective.

Many, including the bar owner will argue that the sign is merely there for its entertainment value and would guarantee that the appropriate follow-ups will be conducted if they had any – the word legitimate would be inserted in their statement for credibility – claims. I say, you wouldn’t have the dime or the time. Sure there are varying degrees to which an individual can be held accountable just as there are varying degrees an individual can be victimized. I’ve been guilty objectifying women and hollering at a girl in a less than appropriate fashion – also been a witness of this more times than I can remember – and still went on about my business after my failed attempt to wow the females in question, thinking: They have a thick skin … They probably deal with this on a regular basis. But now, under the assumption that I’ve grown and matured in my way of thinking, I look back at how ridiculous it was for me say such a thing. Not to go off on a tangent, but I have a thick skin when it comes to inappropriate comments. Obviously I pick and choose my audience and spots but I’ve been in a position where something inappropriate was directed at me, but due to professional circumstances I chose to bite my tongue and brushed the whole thing off even though I felt helpless. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it believing that there were no ill intentions. What if there were?

STOP sex tourism

Unfortunately, we’ve gotten to the point that we brush these things off too often under the assumption that our target will also do the same. Regardless of the individual’s threshold, inappropriate is inappropriate, harassment is harassment and objectifying is objectifying. Let’s go back to that bar, the one with the novelty sign. Is it ok for a guy to ask a girl what color garment she is wearing? Is it ok to slap a girl’s ass? Is it ok to make inappropriate advances because she is wearing something skimpy? Is it ok for a girl to endure advances all night and feel disgusted thinking about the douche trying to cop a cheap feel? Sure we are looking to have a good time but she is probably looking to enjoy a few cocktails with her friends. But we say she is asking for it. What exactly is she asking for? Your unwanted attention? Now what if a guy was getting unwanted attention? How does this double standard play out in social context? Where does the establishment draw the line? If a girl complains about the unwanted attention and advances, they kick the perpetrator out and that’s the end of it. Right? Count how many times you have witness a guy fail at picking up a girl and got away with, at best, a look of death even though he deserved a crisp palm to the face. Now ask yourself this, did he not get slapped because the female in question didn’t want to slap him. Or did she simply walk away from potentially an uglier scenario?

Today, many hide behind the marketing notion that sex sells. No matter how true that statement may be, it doesn’t seem like anybody has stopped to question the audience, the object and the reasoning behind it or the behavior encouraged by this notion and the implication of it. Many adds selling alcoholic products are somehow tied to the image of an attractive woman either drinking it in a seductive manner enticing the opposite sex to enjoy the same drink or simply put, buy her a drink. On the surface, buying a drink for a lady at a bar is part of the gentlemen’s code and nothing is wrong with that. What is up for debate is the expectations involved – dance, number, date … sex. Argue all you want but no guy is buying a drink for a girl without expecting anything in return. If you don’t believe me, just go to a club in Vegas for a picture perfect scenario. So now, men expect something in return, and women in return understand that the acceptance of a drink involves something more than just a friendly convo. Although there are RARE exceptions to this rule.

As much as I hate to say it, this type of behavior appears more and more to imbedded in us. From objectifying women in a colorful descriptive conversation amongst high school males on a public bus while a mother and her daughter are seated there, to the billboards of attractive women posing in lingerie selling unrelated products to the patrons at a local bar treating the female bartender like their personal server. It’s increasingly happening more and more. I didn’t actually give this a serious thought until my first trip to Vegas. It was my first experience with the lavish club, bottle service and having a host. I wanted to see and be seen and I knew the drill. What really blew me away was how the host treated the women. I was asked if I wanted a few girls at my table. I said sure – no brainer. He returned a few minutes later with a group of girls. We were introduced, they sat down and we had a few drinks. Things didn’t click and conversation died after a while. The host returned and asked if I was ok with the selection of girls he had so generously provided. I said no. Immediately he took the drinks out of their hand and escorted them out of the booth only to come back a few minutes later with a new group. I’m not here to boast about my righteous attitude but it literally looked like the host was handling a herd of sheep and I felt guilty, later when the effect of alcohol were long gone, for allowing this to happen and actually taken part of it. During my visit to developing countries, sex trade and adult entertainment aside, objectifying women to specific roles and profiles became more apparent. Not so much by the local population but by the foreigners. You can spot the sex tourist from a mile away wearing non-fitting polo shirts tucked in their cargo shorts, wearing sandals my father wouldn’t wear, most of them overweight and balding, either prowling on local women as sex objects or already showcasing their accomplishment of landing a younger broad while comparing the size of their wallets. The only thing they can compare in a dick measuring contest – fact. I even saw a girl, not older than 15 holding on to a guy well in his 40s … and no she wasn’t his daughter.

I can’t quite figure out if I should feel sorry for the men for having to resort to such behavior, or the women for allowing this to happen. Regardless, if everyone plays their part, no matter how small or insignificant it may be on an individual level, we can make a collective difference. At the very least, we can raise awareness and provide an avenue for discussion. Don’t take this as a lesson in chivalry, it’s just my 2 cents from the cheap seats. Maybe next time you’ll think about how you wouldn’t want someone disrespecting your wife, daughter, mother or sister, reducing their entire identity and being into a 3 letter word.

Talib Kweli – Expansion…. good, UPlifting hip-hop

The stories in this song are deep. I still haven’t heard the song, but if it’s half as powerful as reading it, i’m in for a treat.

Thanking a brother from the Philippines for sending this: together we can raise the consciousness of our fellow man.


[Talib Kweli] (Spoken)
Yea, so we got this tune called “For Women” right
Originally, it was by Nina Simone
She said it was inspired by, you know
Down south. In the south, they used to call her Mother Antie
She said No Mrs.
Just Antie
She said if anybody ever called her Antie
she’d burn the whole goddamn place down
I’m over past that
Coming into the new millenium, we can’t forget our elders

[Talib Kweli]
I got off the 2 train in Brooklyn on my way to a session
Said let me help this woman up the stairs before I get to steppin’
We got in a conversation she said she a 107
Just her presence was a blessing and her essence was a lesson
She had her head wrapped
And long dreads that peeked out the back
Like antenna to help her get a sense of where she was at, imagine that
Livin’ a century, the strenght of her memories
Felt like an angel had been sent to me
She lived from nigger to colored to negro to black
To afro then african-american and right back to nigger
You figure she’d be bitter in the twilight
But she alright, cuz she done sseen the circle of life yo
Her skin was black like it was packed with melanin
Back in the days of slaves she packin’ like Harriet Tubman
Her arms are long and she moves like song
Feet with corns, hand with callouses
But her heart is warm and her hair is wooly
And it attract a lot of energy even negative
She gotta dead that the head wrap is her remedy
Her back is strong and she far from a vagabond
This is the back of the masters’ whip used to crack upon
Strong enough to take all the pain, that’s been
Inflicted again and again and again and again and flipped
It to the love for her children nothing else matters
What do they call her? They call her aunt Sara.

Woman singing in the background

[Talib Kweli] (+ Background Vocals)
I know a girl with a name as beautiful as the rain
Her face is the same but she suffers an unusual pain
Seems she only deals with losers who be usin’ them games
Chasin’ the real brothers away like she confused in the brain
She tried to get it where she fit in
on that American Dream mission paid tuition
For the receipt to find out her history was missing and started flippin
Seeing the world through very different eyes
People askin’ her what she’ll do when it comes time to chose sides
Yo, her skin is yellow, it’s like her face is blond word is bond
And her hair is long and straight just like sleeping beauty
See, she truly feels like she belong in 2 worlds
And that she can’t relate to other girls
Her father was rich and white still livin’ with his wife
But he forced himself on her mother late one night
They call it rape that’s right and now she take flight
Through life with hate and spite inside her mind
That keep her up to the break of light a lot of times
(I gotta find myself) (3X)
She had to remind herself
They called her Safronia the unwanted seed
Blood still blue in her vein and still red when she bleeds
(Don’t, don’t, don’t hurt me again) (8X)

[Talib Kweli] (+ Background Vocals)
Teenage lovers sit on the stoops up in Harlem
Holdin’ hands under the Apollo marquis dreamin of stardom
Since they was born the streets is watchin’ and schemin’
And now it got them generations facin’ deseases
That don’t kill you they just got problems
and complications that get you first
Yo, it’s getting worse, when children hide the fact that they pregnant
Cuz they scared of giving birth
How will I feed this baby?
How will I survive, how will this baby shine?
Daddy dead from crack in ’85, mommy dead from AIDS in ’89
At 14 the baby hit the same streets they became her master
The children of the enslaved, they grow a little faster
They bodies become adult
While they keepin’ the thoughts of a child her arrival
Into womanhood was heemed up by her survival
Now she 25, barely grown out her own
Doin’ whatever it takes strippin’, workin’ out on the block
Up on the phone, talkin’ about
(my skin is tan like the front of your hand)
(And my hair…)
(Well my hair’s alright whatever way I want to fix it,
it’s alright it’s fine)
(But my hips, these sweet hips of mine invite you daddy)
(And when I fix my lips my mouth is like wine)
(Take a sip don’t be shy, tonight I wanna be your lady)
(I ain’t too good for your Mercedes, but first you got to pay me)
(You better quit with all the question, sugar who’s little girl am I)
(Why I’m yours if you got enough money to buy)
(You better stop with the compliments we running out of time,)
(You wanna talk whatever we could do that it’s your dime)
(From Harlem’s from where I came, don’t worry about my name,)
(Up on one-two-five they call me sweet thang)

Scratches + Woman singing in the background

[Talib Kweli] (+ Background Vocals)
A daughter come up in Georgia, ripe and ready to plant seeds,
Left the plantation when she saw a sign even thought she can’t read
It came from God and when life get hard she always speak to him,
She’d rather kill her babies than let the master get to ’em,
She on the run up north to get across that Mason-Dixon
In church she learned how to be patient and keep wishin’,
The promise of eternal life after death for those that God bless
She swears the next baby she’ll have will breathe a free breath
and get milk from a free breast,
And love beeing alive,
otherwise they’ll have to give up being themselves to survive,
Being maids, cleaning ladies, maybe teachers or college graduates, nurses, housewives, prostitutes, and drug addicts
Some will grow to be old women, some will die before they born,
They’ll be mothers, and lovers who inspire and make songs,
(But me, my skin is brown and my manner is tough,)
(Like the love I give my babies when the rainbow’s enuff,)
(I’ll kill the first muthafucka that mess with me, I never bluff)
(I ain’t got time to lie, my life has been much too rough,)
(Still running with barefeet, I ain’t got nothin’ but my soul,)
(Freedom is the ultimate goal,
life and death is small on the whole, in many ways)
(I’m awfully bitter these days
‘cuz the only parents God gave me, they were slaves,)
(And it crippled me, I got the destiny of a casualty,)
(But I live through my babies and I change my reality)
(Maybe one day I’ll ride back to Georgia on a train,)
(Folks ’round there call me Peaches, I guess that’s my name.)

When did nightclubs become international waters for sexual harassment?

and more importantly, how come it still goes on?

it seems like every country i got to, nightclubs act as a haven for men to do what they please. i can recall COUNTLESS times when i’ve seen men grab at women while in the drunken rooms. have you ever seen a man GRAB a woman’s vagina? a complete stranger just doing that; picture it, guys. such behavior could, and should, land a person behind bars outside the club’s doors, but for some reason people think that within that realm such is accepted behavior. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE IMMEDIATELY. Maybe then idiot bar owners will stop thinking shit like this is funny:

burn this bar.

relative to women, men have not the slightest idea what it is like to be sexual harassed; to be dis-empowered, subjugated and all in a sexual fashion which amplifies the indignity of it all. i can only assume its a very unique, low feeling. i imagine it leaves one feeling powerless. i can’t imagine what that feels like.

next time you’re in the presence of such actions.. from the pull of an arm, to a slap of an ass SHOW YOUR OUTRAGE: your mom will be proud you did.

United Nothings Resolution #1325

United Nothings

A little ctrl+p followed by some ctrl+c, courtesy of Wikipedia:

“United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, adopted unanimously on October 31, 2000, after recalling resolutions 1261 (1999), 1265 (1999), 1296 (2000) and 1314 (2000), the Council called for the adoption of a gender perspective that included the special needs of women and girls during repatriation and resettlement, rehabilitation, reintegration and post-conflict reconstruction.[1]
It was the first formal and legal document from the United Nations Security Council that required parties in a conflict to respect women’s rights and to support their participation in peace negotiations and in post-conflict reconstruction. The resolution was initiated by Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, then Minister of Women’s Affairs in Namibia when the country took its turn chairing the Security Council.[2] After lobbying by dozens of women’s organizations and the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), the resolution was adopted unanimously.[3]”

For full Wiki article:

They manage to pass a resolution that effects about half the world, and 11 years on, and like most other things they got together to write, they have nothing to show for it.

Thanks, guys.

Wolf: Empower Women – Uplift the WORLD.

“If you are not innumerate, you can start a business. If you are not living in mortal fear of rape and beatings at home, you can organise your community to dig a new well. If you are not subjecting your daughter to traumatic genital injury at three and marrying her off at ten, she can go to school. And, when she does marry and has children of her own, they will benefit from two educated, employed parents, which means twice as much literate conversation in the home, twice the contacts, and twice the encouragement to succeed.”

-Naomi Wolf

Do read the rest of this article by Naomi Wolf: it is genius, because it’s simple and true

Isn’t it amazing that with just a little shift in our consciousness as a species we can immediately change the entire for world for something so much better? I believe that is at the heart of what Naomi Wolf is saying, and it couldn’t be more true. Seriously; READ HER ARTICLE, fellas.


Wow… the world is full of stupid people: meet a vegan one.

follow me, if you can: some idiot in the states has opened up a vegan strip-club.

ok i just got lost again.

way to go, moron: decades of thinking with your dick has managed to even give veganism a bad name.

while you’re here, feast your eyes on this piece of dick-thinking. peta, the people for the ethical treatment of animals, clearly out women a few steps below other animals. why do they think they can promote one ethical belief system by fostering a much more unethical one?

PUTOW: People for the Unethical Treatment of Women

MEN: we need to talk.

it has gone on for too long, and this might sound chauvinistic but we might be the only ones able to change it; we men.

you know you want to do it, mostly because you know you should. it’s only right, and you don’t want to be a part of the problem. you know who you don’t want to be. plus, your mom would be proud.

you never took action on it before because you thought you were alone; well, you weren’t. i’ve been with you, thinking the same thing. who am i? just another guy, just like you. same age. same interests. same outlook. and like you, i just realized we need to start spreading the word. it’s THAT easy, and it’s even more crucial that we do.

now that we know we’re on the same boat we need to start talking about it with other guys; old, young, dumb, smart. we all need to talk, because they can see it like us too. they must. we have to become more conscious about the wrongs we’ve done in the past, and how easy it is to make things right from this moment forward. when we make things right we’ll no longer feel the guilt, or shame, that others have brought our kind. we’ll no longer have to put with the idiots who give us all a bad name. you know, the ones who talk about ‘fucking that bitch’. you know the one… ya the one who always wears tight shirts and flexes in the mirror before heading to the club to find ‘something to struggle with’. WE’RE SO FUCKING TIRED OF THAT GUY. Only by raising the consciousness of our fellow man will we rid ourselves of this idiopathic, patriarchal world. only then will we start to pay our debt to women.

our male ancestors, unfortunately, have by and large perpetrated great evils against Women. we’ve (and i hate saying it, because i feel guilty, but it is us who did it) have enslaved women for as long as we can remember. however, we’re better than that, aren’t we, guys? no longer are we the cave man; we’ve been blessed with consciousness. let’s start using it.

    after all, we all came from a women. by default, if not by reason, we have to be feminists. WAIT: don’t run! embrace the f word. it’s beautiful; it’s equality. you believe men and women ought to be equal, so guess what? you’re a feminist! congratulations!

really, and truly. now that you know, go talk about it. send this blog to a buddy. we are ALL in this together! he deserves to start thinking about it too; he too owes it to women. after all, we love them so much, and it’s about time we started showing our love.

since we’ve been so dominating in our ugly history, from the caveman days of clubbing women over their heads and dragging them into caves, to right now in clubs all over the world where women are being raped, and every awful, shameful act of sexism and sexual dominance, it’s time we use our power and influence to make things right.

no school education program will do it. nor will any movie about it, or a pamphlet on feminism. no one can make this equality a reality other than us: the dominant. like i said, it might be chauvinistic, but it’s true. it’s time to abdicate this power we don’t deserve, and certainly don’t need. what we need is equality, respect, and togetherness. we’ll get there through consciousness. we’ll use this as a place to gather, discuss, and mobilize for women; for whats right. we’ll question the status quo; we’re setting the standards now, and our stands must be higher than the sky.

my fellow man: it’s time. it’s time to raise your consciousness and open your mind’s heart. pass this on to a friend, and start talking about it. seriously. verbalize it. verbalize the need for equality; profess your love for it. demand it and accept nothing less. and women, if we’re honoured to have your eyes here for some reason, send this to the ones of us you know and and please push us to accept the truth; you’re wise and we need your guidance. lets have dialogue! comment on this; let me know what you think. i’ll talk back. lets create a world where we no longer do we need be ashamed of what men do; a world where we can be proud to of the respectful beings we’ve become.

“since we all came from a women, got our name from a women, and our game from a women. I wonder why we take from women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think its time we killed for our women, be real to our women, try to heal our women, cus if we dont we’ll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies” -Tupac Shakur