MEN: we need to talk.

it has gone on for too long, and this might sound chauvinistic but we might be the only ones able to change it; we men.

you know you want to do it, mostly because you know you should. it’s only right, and you don’t want to be a part of the problem. you know who you don’t want to be. plus, your mom would be proud.

you never took action on it before because you thought you were alone; well, you weren’t. i’ve been with you, thinking the same thing. who am i? just another guy, just like you. same age. same interests. same outlook. and like you, i just realized we need to start spreading the word. it’s THAT easy, and it’s even more crucial that we do.

now that we know we’re on the same boat we need to start talking about it with other guys; old, young, dumb, smart. we all need to talk, because they can see it like us too. they must. we have to become more conscious about the wrongs we’ve done in the past, and how easy it is to make things right from this moment forward. when we make things right we’ll no longer feel the guilt, or shame, that others have brought our kind. we’ll no longer have to put with the idiots who give us all a bad name. you know, the ones who talk about ‘fucking that bitch’. you know the one… ya the one who always wears tight shirts and flexes in the mirror before heading to the club to find ‘something to struggle with’. WE’RE SO FUCKING TIRED OF THAT GUY. Only by raising the consciousness of our fellow man will we rid ourselves of this idiopathic, patriarchal world. only then will we start to pay our debt to women.

our male ancestors, unfortunately, have by and large perpetrated great evils against Women. we’ve (and i hate saying it, because i feel guilty, but it is us who did it) have enslaved women for as long as we can remember. however, we’re better than that, aren’t we, guys? no longer are we the cave man; we’ve been blessed with consciousness. let’s start using it.

    after all, we all came from a women. by default, if not by reason, we have to be feminists. WAIT: don’t run! embrace the f word. it’s beautiful; it’s equality. you believe men and women ought to be equal, so guess what? you’re a feminist! congratulations!

really, and truly. now that you know, go talk about it. send this blog to a buddy. we are ALL in this together! he deserves to start thinking about it too; he too owes it to women. after all, we love them so much, and it’s about time we started showing our love.

since we’ve been so dominating in our ugly history, from the caveman days of clubbing women over their heads and dragging them into caves, to right now in clubs all over the world where women are being raped, and every awful, shameful act of sexism and sexual dominance, it’s time we use our power and influence to make things right.

no school education program will do it. nor will any movie about it, or a pamphlet on feminism. no one can make this equality a reality other than us: the dominant. like i said, it might be chauvinistic, but it’s true. it’s time to abdicate this power we don’t deserve, and certainly don’t need. what we need is equality, respect, and togetherness. we’ll get there through consciousness. we’ll use this as a place to gather, discuss, and mobilize for women; for whats right. we’ll question the status quo; we’re setting the standards now, and our stands must be higher than the sky.

my fellow man: it’s time. it’s time to raise your consciousness and open your mind’s heart. pass this on to a friend, and start talking about it. seriously. verbalize it. verbalize the need for equality; profess your love for it. demand it and accept nothing less. and women, if we’re honoured to have your eyes here for some reason, send this to the ones of us you know and and please push us to accept the truth; you’re wise and we need your guidance. lets have dialogue! comment on this; let me know what you think. i’ll talk back. lets create a world where we no longer do we need be ashamed of what men do; a world where we can be proud to of the respectful beings we’ve become.

“since we all came from a women, got our name from a women, and our game from a women. I wonder why we take from women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think its time we killed for our women, be real to our women, try to heal our women, cus if we dont we’ll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies” -Tupac Shakur


2 thoughts on “MEN: we need to talk.

  1. I seriously almost started crying. This post is beautiful. I had no idea Tupac had advocated for women. Unfortunately, men are dominant in our society, and women have to work so hard to earn most men’s respect. Yet, we are girlfriends, wives, daughters, and mothers. Thank you,

    • Yes, Tupac was very conscious of the oppression of women and sang about it often. However, he also perpetuated a lot of gender stereotypes towards women… with the all-too-typical ‘fuck this bitch, fuck that ho’ bullshit.

      However, he also produced a lot of inspiring, touching material that society often refused to acknowledge. Here are the lyrics from his song “Brenda’s got a bay”: I think you’ll appreciate, Kamie:

      “Brenda’s got a Baby
      Brenda’s got a Baby

      I hear Brenda’s got a baby
      But, Brenda’s barely got a brain
      A damn shame
      The girl can hardly spell her name
      (That’s not our problem, that’s up to Brenda’s family)
      Well let me show ya how it affects the whole community
      Now Brenda really never knew her moms and her dad was a
      Went in death to his arms, it’s sad
      Cause I bet Brenda doesn’t even know
      Just cause your in the ghetto doesn’t mean ya can’t grow
      But oh, that’s a thought, my own revelation
      Do whatever it takes to resist the temptation
      Brenda got herself a boyfriend
      Her boyfriend was her cousin, now lets watch the joy end
      She tried to hide her pregnancy, from her family
      Who didn’t really care to see, or give a damn if she
      Went out and had a church of kids
      As long as when the check came they got first dibs
      Now Brenda’s belly is gettin bigger
      But no one seems to notice any change in her figure
      She’s 12 years old and she’s having a baby
      In love with the molester, who’s sexing her crazy
      And yet she thinks that he’ll be with her forever
      And dreams of a world with the two of them are together,
      He left her and she had the baby solo, she had it on the
      bathroom floor
      And didn’t know so, she didn’t know, what to throw away and
      what to keep
      She wrapped the baby up and threw him in the trash heep
      I guess she thought she’d get away
      Wouldn’t hear the cries
      She didn’t realize
      How much the the little baby had her eyes
      Now the baby’s in the trash heep balling
      Momma can’t help her, but it hurts to hear her calling
      Brenda wants to run away
      Momma say, you makin’ me lose pay, the social workers here
      Now Brenda’s gotta make her own way
      Can’t go to her family, they won’t let her stay
      No money no babysitter, she couldn’t keep a job
      She tried to sell crack, but end up getting robbed
      So now what’s next, there ain’t nothing left to sell
      So she sees sex as a way of leaving hell
      It’s paying the rent, so she really can’t complain
      Prostitute, found slain, and Brenda’s her name, she’s got a baby


      (don’t you know she’s got a baby)
      (don’t you know she’s got a baby)
      (don’t you know she’s got a baby)
      (don’t you know she’s got a baby)
      (don’t you know she’s got a baby)
      (don’t you know she’s got a baby) “

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