When did nightclubs become international waters for sexual harassment?

and more importantly, how come it still goes on?

it seems like every country i got to, nightclubs act as a haven for men to do what they please. i can recall COUNTLESS times when i’ve seen men grab at women while in the drunken rooms. have you ever seen a man GRAB a woman’s vagina? a complete stranger just doing that; picture it, guys. such behavior could, and should, land a person behind bars outside the club’s doors, but for some reason people think that within that realm such is accepted behavior. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE IMMEDIATELY. Maybe then idiot bar owners will stop thinking shit like this is funny:

burn this bar.

relative to women, men have not the slightest idea what it is like to be sexual harassed; to be dis-empowered, subjugated and all in a sexual fashion which amplifies the indignity of it all. i can only assume its a very unique, low feeling. i imagine it leaves one feeling powerless. i can’t imagine what that feels like.

next time you’re in the presence of such actions.. from the pull of an arm, to a slap of an ass SHOW YOUR OUTRAGE: your mom will be proud you did.

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