‘i’m going to get at least 10!’

tonight, i had the honour of sitting down with a real wise 17 year old brother. he has been opening up to me for a couple of hours; told me about his mom’s time in prison, as well as his father’s. he told me about how his cousin molested his sister, and the gang history which existed in his family. he told me a lot. i know he has lived from past his years; he was warm, genuine, and legit.

he was also respectful and considerate. that’s why i was shocked when he said ‘i’m going to get a latina’

‘what do you mean you’re gonna get one’? i asked backed, but he was already mid sentence into ‘a brazilian one too!’.

i interjected; ‘how can you do that? women aren’t objects. you can’t ‘get’ them. they’re not animals to be caught’

he was quite for a few seconds. it was starting to click. i told him how women are the oldest colonized group; from the cave days to the internet age, and beyond. talked about media representation. his friend, 12 years old, was holding some magazine – must have been cosmo or something – with botox pumped, breast baring young women covering the pages. we analyzed, and talked about the design that has been put onto the women’s gender, and how societally their value has been embedded into their sexuality, and how falsely so.

botox at 8

then a relapse.

‘i’m going to have 10. yeah… at least 10 girlfriends’

‘but what if you meet the right person the first time’

‘yeah.. someone who will like me for who i am. someone who knows the real me. that will do anything for me, and i’ll do anything for her.’

he was reconsidering.

‘respect: it’s all you need for love’

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