i love mixed martial-arts – i don’t care for morons who call themselves ‘Team Alpha Male’

Sherdog.com is a site i visit regularly; a great affinity towards brazilian jiu-jistu naturally led me to be fascinated by mma before it was ‘cool’ and ed-hardy wearing whack-jobs started watching it.

however, today, when i went to the website and saw the words ‘Team Alpha Male‘, i was disturbed. check em out; i’m trying to figure out what’s worse: the boy band picture on top or the yankee mortgage ad halfway down the push. sigh.

who are these men who have fallen to a point that they associate themselves with such social constructs?

how misinformed must they be to buy into it, and try to sell it to other primitive thinkers. i thought we were passed that.

evil marketing; dangerous idiots buy it.

i’d be embarrassed to be featured on that site.

check out aaron carter on roids.

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