Halloween postmortem: girls and crash diets guys don’t know about.

News to me… it’s so nice catching up with old high school friend.

Omg! Vagina costume? Luvs it. Hmm altho I love partying during halloween, my fave part of the holiday is seeing babies n kids dressed up whilst handing out candies, carving pumpkins, n vegging out on the couch watchin horror movies. Haha
But halloween is also bewwie stressful 4 gurls!!!!!!! >:[ the stress of fitting into a costume!! Ughhhh

that’s really cute! i think i only did that once. lucky you!

i never though it would be stressful! how so?

Ummm all da gurls go on crash diets n work out like cwazy!! LOL no one wants 2 look like a balluga whale! Hahahha and it doesn’t help that the costumes r teeny tiny haha

hahahahahaha omg you should have SEEN my eyes as i read the first 7 words of that. WOW!

so: what did you put yourself this year?

ps do you mind if i quote that last msg u sent me without refering to u? freaking insightful.

Hahah ya u can. I can’t belee boys don’t realize the hardship girls go thru 2 fit into a freakin costume! LOL no wonder its not appreciated!
My frds n I straight up don’t eat n go on water diets da wks leadin up 2 halloween! Hahhahah

It’s a constant cycle for girls. Always dieting, n worrying about gaining weight. All my gfs have banging bods, but they are always complaining about being fat. -__-

and you?

Haha don’t worry! I eat! I’m a health nut,so I try to eat very healthy n cook often. My weakness is anything sweet. :s I would be lying if I said I didn’t watch my weight too. Lol But I work out a lot, so I’m not too worried. However, if I knew an event was coming up and I need 2 squeeze into a tiny dress, I would def cut back on the calorie intake. Haha

do you think ur grandma did that?

Haha hellz no. She’s always telling me 2 gain weight. I guess curvy was more “in” during her day. Lol

haha but do you think that women were like.. so pressured then?

Prolly not. They had other issues 2 worry about, like taking baby steps into the labour market n not just being a housewife. Lol

Polute them while they're young
I hope these girls grow up to Love themselves.

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