Women in Egypt will not stand down

This is inspiring…

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“Thousands of people have filled the streets of the Egyptian capital in protest against the beating of female protesters by the ruling military during clashes in and around the city’s Tahrir Square.

Female activists had called for Tuesday’s demonstration to denounce the attacks on women and call for an immediate end to violence against protesters.

The rally came hours after Egyptian security forces clashed with demonstrators in the capital on the fifth day of fighting that has left 13 people dead and more than 650 others injured since Friday.

The clashes sparked condemnation against the military among many people in Egypt, particularly after one incident in which two Egyptian soldiers were filmed dragging a woman protester on the ground by her shirt, exposing her underwear, then clubbing and stomping on her body.

One of the women at Tuesday’s protest said the country’s military council only cared about holding on to power.

“The reason for the protest is the picture and the video that was published by news services around the world, and it showed us to what extent the military council has no qualms about trampling on the women of Egypt and the girls of Egypt, and has no qualms about beating them up and stripping them naked,” Islama Thabet told the Reuters news agency. ”


The Perfect Vagina: a documentary, and scary sign of the times.

This documentary is quite interesting, but even more sad. Pressure on women or conform to a certain image is higher than ever. Teenage girls are not happy with their vaginas. One has to wonder what they have to base this on, or what they have to compare to? More often than not, the only comparison is what is shown in sexual media; magazines, porno, or what have you. That being said, there are now girls out there who measure-up not only their breast and waste size, but also their private parts next to those of porn-stars. This is just one of the disturbing thing you learn from this documentary. If the trend goes on, you can expect your daughter, sister, or even mother to maybe one day believe that her privates should meet the knife.

The perfect vagina from heather leach on Vimeo.

I recommend you watch it.

Love yourself.

Playboy and poverty.

This personal observation blew my mind and made me quite sad.

I volunteered as a camp counselor for 5 days – it was a fun get away targeting children between 8 and 16 from impoverished communities in Cape Town, South Africa. On the final day of the camp, one of the camp leaders pulled out a box filled with various lost and found items which accumulated over the weekend. She pulled out the items one by one in front of the 20-odd youth at the camp.

One of the first items was a hat. No one claimed it. Then came the t-shirts, shorts, a couple of pair of underwear, water bottles, and so on. A few of the items were claimed. It wasn’t that exciting for the kids.

Then there was massive irruption in claim of ownership of the item. Almost all the kids were screaming “IT’S MINE!” or ” ME! ME! ME!”. The items was a key chain with the iconic Playboy Bunny symbol attached to it.