Playboy and poverty.

This personal observation blew my mind and made me quite sad.

I volunteered as a camp counselor for 5 days – it was a fun get away targeting children between 8 and 16 from impoverished communities in Cape Town, South Africa. On the final day of the camp, one of the camp leaders pulled out a box filled with various lost and found items which accumulated over the weekend. She pulled out the items one by one in front of the 20-odd youth at the camp.

One of the first items was a hat. No one claimed it. Then came the t-shirts, shorts, a couple of pair of underwear, water bottles, and so on. A few of the items were claimed. It wasn’t that exciting for the kids.

Then there was massive irruption in claim of ownership of the item. Almost all the kids were screaming “IT’S MINE!” or ” ME! ME! ME!”. The items was a key chain with the iconic Playboy Bunny symbol attached to it.

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