The Perfect Vagina: a documentary, and scary sign of the times.

This documentary is quite interesting, but even more sad. Pressure on women or conform to a certain image is higher than ever. Teenage girls are not happy with their vaginas. One has to wonder what they have to base this on, or what they have to compare to? More often than not, the only comparison is what is shown in sexual media; magazines, porno, or what have you. That being said, there are now girls out there who measure-up not only their breast and waste size, but also their private parts next to those of porn-stars. This is just one of the disturbing thing you learn from this documentary. If the trend goes on, you can expect your daughter, sister, or even mother to maybe one day believe that her privates should meet the knife.

The perfect vagina from heather leach on Vimeo.

I recommend you watch it.

Love yourself.

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