They make them hate eachother…



Let’s take a look at the top 3 cosmetics companies in the world, shall we?

Proctor & Gamble– recording $82.6 billion in sales, maker of brands such as ‘Cover Girl’ (because girls must be covered) and sticking to the enlightening principle of testing on animal eyelids, has Robert Mcdonald as CEO and President.

L’Oréal – making a couple billion less than the monstrosity above, and the biggest cosmetic specialist in the world – making all sorts of shit for women to change morph their entire identities with, from hair to skin, has Jean-Paul Agnon as… wait for it… CEO and President.

Unilever – a $16 billion corporation, is proud two have two patriarchs in charge of pushing their chemicals – Michael Treschow as Chairman and Paul Polman as CEO.

What does this tell us?


The Strauss-Kahn Pass

I’ll never know if he was guilty or not, because I wasn’t there, and now the French inquiry has been dropped.

However, I am convinced that if he did in fact sexually assault those women he would get away with it, and the path of persecution would be the exact same one he went through over the last few months. Here we are now.

With enough money, any atrocity is possible. As we may have witnessed, the law can be bought very easily – especially by the patriarchal ubber-elite.