what a shame

MMA is a grueling sport, and in my opinion its the most complete. Its mind-blowing how talented, strong, and disciplined the athletes in that sport are.

In the last decade women have begun to make real headway in Mixed Martial Arts, a sport which has become more and more super-hyper-masculine. This is beyond…

So far has female presence in the ring come that on April 28th there is going to be an 11 fight ever – all of them female. I think this is wonderful.

In the same breath what I find dreadful is how, like everything else that women do, it has to be sexualized. GSP isn’t laying under feathers -Anderson Silva isn’t posing in thongs. I hope this stops immediately, but like everything else like this, I sadly doubt it will.

Does the existence of a video like the one below bother you, too?

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