“If I had a dime for every time one of my bosses asked me to sit on his knee, I’d be on a yacht in the Bahamas right now.”

Words of Catherine Galliford, a high ranking Canadian police officer.

Even in the best of countries, holding the highest ranking of jobs and degrees of ‘power’, women are still treated as second class citizens, and sex objects.


Much respect for speaking out.

Read the whole thang here.


Female Fighters – the Women of the PKK

has anyone noticed a common theme in all these middle eastern countries where people are standing up to the state? it seems to be that men are the only ones doing the fighting. in fact, from news footage, women don’t even seem present in the streets to protest. this, of course, does not mean that they do not care. rather, i take it as a sign of men dominating the arena. the space has been made unsafe for women, as well as unwelcoming.

PKK female fighters

well, with this post i want to make you aware of the women fighting in the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party)

in the 90s they had 17,000 women fighting on the front lines, making up 30% of the movement’s people. such became reality through their marxist beliefs on gender equality.

while warfare is a sick disease, sometimes people are forced to fight. when the push comes to shove, these women prove that liberty is everyone’s fight, and that women lack nothing in the path.

forget what you think you know about male strength blah blah blah. talk to these women if you disagree.